How does art play a role in daily life?

When thinking of art you might picture a museum full of paintings or the statue on the square near your house. You even could remember the first way you’ve felt when your teacher at school introduced you for the first time with art. I myself cant remember the first time I’ve seen art, but there is a sweet memory I have. When I was a child I went to a museum and had the change to choose an artpiece for myself. Me and my brother and sisters brought each an artpiece home and placed it in our own bedrooms. I’ve looked at it many times. Through the years I have appreciated it and drinked in the many details of the work. It became a part of my history and present and was a source of delight.

The connection

Between all the paintings there were stalled out by the artist at the local exhibition this one painting looked back at you, demanding your answer. It drawed you so you walked towards it and gazed at it. Something inside you moved. The painting sparked with beauty. This is it “you thought”. The colour, the movement it al connected with you and you loved it from the start. Choosing art is not just practical, of course you have these empty walls in your home that could use some beauty. But in the end whát you choose is more then practicality. Its that imagery that connects with your heart. And you cant wait to unravel its story.

Telling a story

When art enters your home it starts engaging with you. It tells a story, like a book with different chapters.The first connection maybe was purely based on its colours and beauty. But then it is in your home and it creates a new balance in your interieur. The pieces of nature in the painting reminds you of your travels and moments of peace when walking through nature. It reminds you of memories in your own life, and it extends.

Letting it grow