About me

‘The heart is the source from which all life flows’

In her work as a visual artist Hanna van Leeuwen creates mystical sceneries in nature. With vibrant colours and a dynamic flow to her work she sets foot on a journey of exploring the world we live in. The inner world and spiritual world is always connected and intertwined with the natural, she believes. By painting it on one canvas together they unite and creates a new perspective on life’s situations.

These two worlds seem one and the same for the artist. What we feel and experience inside can be directly visible through our visible actions. In her work she symbolize her dreams and vision for life in the shape of animals, a person or sometimes just part of a person.


In her recent serie ‘Wading in the Water’ the artist explores the way we make choices and how we, as dreamers and vision bearers, can make our own way through the water. What holds us back? And what pushes us to keep going deeper into the unknown? Questions the artist asks herself and the viewer.





Born in 1988 in Zwijndrecht, the Netherland

From the young age of seven she started to attend the weekly artlessons from a local visual artist, Marja de Jong. For over eight years she developed her creative skills in all sorts of mediums. These years have laid a strong foundation in her use of colours and shapes.


2013 Bachelor degree in Teacher Art & Design

Graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

During her studie she started to focus on organisations who provided extracurricular artcourses all through the city. Later on Hanna van Leeuwen worked in artmediating at Witte de With, Centre of Contemporary Art and the project Kunstblock Tours. In november 2015 she worked for over a year fulltime at a primary school in Rotterdam.

Active as a Visual Artist

Hanna van Leeuwen works and lives nowadays as an Artist in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Visual Arts Teacher

Active as Visual Art teacher at “I AM” artschool in Amsterdam.

Exhibitions & projects

12.06.2021     The Colourfield project   https://www.thecolorfieldperformance.nl/

19.07.2020     Artsfair georganiseerd door I AM, Intuitive Arts Movement  https://www.ia-movement.eu/

06.07.2020     Gardenexpo in Rotterdam

08.2020          Publieke Werken Rotterdam  http://www.publiekewerkenrotterdam.nl

12.2018          Solo exhibition at Colours kunst&koffie, Rotterdam  https://www.colourskunstenkoffie.nl/